Testimonials and Endorsements 

My relationship with Sharon begin in 1989 when I bought my second home. Sharon was extremely knowledgeable of the area in which I was relocating. When I decided to sell the home I bought in 1989, I called Sharon again. She had excellent suggestions on pricing and improvements to make in my home to make it more marketable. The house sold in 45 days. What impresses me with Sharon is her professionalism, personality, and willingness to do what she can for her clients. I would definitely recommend Sharon to my friends to get their house sold or to help them find the home of their dreams. Thank you Sharon.

- Jan Heaton

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The Sharon Hutson Team

The Sharon Hutson Team

Sharon Hutson: 314-614-4575
Kristian Hutson: 314-359-1789
Office: 636-227-3456